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I call my style “poetic realism”–realism because of the recognizability of the imagery, and poetic because poetry evokes insight and emotion through deftly bringing together different images that resonate with each other. I have always brought together in my work a wide range of inner and outer experience, and this lends itself beautifully to the depth of biographical portrait work. The people and objects in the paintings are realistically depicted and come together  as they do in our actual experience, in an indefinable poetic space that is possible to suggest in painting.

A deep valuing of each person’s potential has guided me through many kinds of teaching over the years. My lifelong fascination with the holistic nature of experience and the power of our inner life led to my gaining a professional qualification in hypnotherapy in 2015. The deep listening I learned helps me understand more deeply what kind of image will be most powerful for my portrait clients.

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Drake University, where I studied with Jules Kirschenbaum, and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Tyler School of Art of Temple University, where I studied with Roger Anliker. I have exhibited and won awards in both the USA and the UK.

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