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There is a long tradition in both East and West of using images of revered figures as an aid to prayer or meditation. Icons, tangkas, mandalas are some of the most prominent kinds of images. I offer a sacred image chosen by you for your personal spiritual practice.

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When you click on the link below, I contact you within 36 hours to arrange a first conversation by Whatsapp or phone. For clients in the southeast of England a personal appointment can sometimes be arranged as well. There are different options regarding that conversation.


If you are already clear about a particular figure, tradition or image you are interested in, you can share that then.


It is often the case, however, that people benefit from a totally confidential three-step process similar to that which I use for biographical portraits.


In the first conversation, I guide with questions a conversation about your spiritual journey. This can last as long as an hour, and people often experience this contemplation as valuable in itself as well as a way to arrive at an image to accompany their spiritual practice.


In the week following either kind of first conversation, I create sketches based on what I’ve heard, and send you copies of them online, and we arrange a second conversation. Also in this time, I will send you a quotation, and a deposit of 20% of the total cost will be payable by bank transfer.


In the second conversation, we see what has arisen from the first and look at the sketches together. In the week following the second conversation, I will produce a more developed drawing and send it to you for final tweaks or approval.

The Painting

The amount of time your painting will take depends on its size and complexity but a 10 x 14 inch painting will usually be ready in two to three weeks.


When the painting is finished,  I will arrange delivery by courier (or will deliver personally if you live relatively close). The remaining payment is due upon delivery.


Prices depend on size and complexity.